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Opening 29th of June

Limited time only

STRONG Foundation (VIP)

$59 per week

STRONG Caroline Springs

Enjoy a First class experience from the STRONG studio everyone has been waiting for. Presented with 20 Rowformer beds in a luxurious setting. From passionate and energetic trainers, to the lighting and music – every element has been crafted to give you the best all rounded workout in Melbourne.

The premium service doesn’t end on the training floor, with phone chargers in every locker and cold Eucalyptus towels post-workout.

STRONG is your go to studio for more sweat, more self-care and more results. There’s only one question.

Are you down for more?


Off street parking
Change rooms
hair dryers & straighteners
large training space


There’s more to strong than muscles.

Founded in 2019 by Michael Ramsey and Mark Armstrong, STRONG Pilates offers a first of its kind, untraditional workout that is more than your typical pilates class.

Our brand purpose is to be the reason people live better, through longevity in training and connection to community, by delivering innovative fitness technology, in an experience worthy of advocacy.

There’s more to STRONG than muscles.

There’s strong minds, bodies, friendships, and beats.

There’s the kind of strong that starts on the inside and shines through to the outside.

That gets up before the second alarm and gets down to get more. More out of your workout, more out of your week, more out of your life.


STRONG: A fitness experience with more. 45 Minutes of pilates-inspired resistance training with a side of rowing or riding on our exclusively licensed Rowformer or BIKE. A different class each day, all day.
Unit 6, 28-36 Lake Street Caroline Springs, VIC, 3023

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