Welcome, STRONG human. What you need to know:

First Time Clients:

Let’s work together to give you

more: sweat, time, confidence.

Arrive 15 minutes before class so we can show you the studio and get you comfortable on the Rowformer machine. Tell your trainer about any restrictions or injuries you have and they’ll make any modifications.


Prepare for a tough, sweaty 50 minutes. Wearing grip socks is a must (no exceptions) and you may not be able to enter the studio if you’re not properly kitted out. Believe us, it’s for your own good.

Please bring a sweat towel and your own water bottle. We’re a plastic free studio and do not provide cups. Because, dolphins.


Lockers for your belongings.

Showers and change rooms with everything you need. To get you ready for work, play or just to get more out of your day.

The space to achieve a new type of strong: in body and mind, look and feel.

Class Etiquette:

More focus, more sweat, more red wine results. When you’re getting mobile, keep your mobile out of it. Want to snap proof of your workout? Save it until after class. Then you can get all Annie Leibovitz in front of our photo wall.